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Administrative Services

The Accounting Department

The accounting department handles all financial transactions and accounting for the CIRMF and is subdivided into several sections (procurement, cash flow, suppliers). It is in charge of the funding for scientific research and administers the grants given by international donors.

Procurement section

In its daily operations the Procurement Section works closely with all other departments of the Centre. It manages procurement of products and materials needed by the various CIRMF departments, from order placement to reception. It places all the orders inside or outside the country, and receives and manages inventory.

Technical Services

A maintenance team is responsible for the operation of the air conditioning system, air conditioners, cold rooms, refrigerators and freezers that operate continuously at the CIRMF. It also produces dry ice and liquid nitrogen.

A second team maintains all the electronics and IT systems at the Center.

The third team is in charge of automobile fleet maintenance.

Maintenance and housekeeping

Staff perform maintenance on the common buildings and apartments, the gardens, workshops, the recreation centre (swimming pool and tennis court), and laundry-dry cleaning service.