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1. Education: Doctor of Medicine Thesis Defences 2010
(Actualités/Actualités - English (United Kingdom))
Three candidates who did their internships at the CIRMF defended their theses in 2010. One of them, Roland Fabrice Kassa Kassa, was named top in his class, receiving high honours and the congratulations ...
2. Greetings from the Director
(Actualités/Actualités - English (United Kingdom))
... staff alongside the University of Science and Technology of Masuku in the development of its first Master and the hosting of interns from the school.   Support for public health has been ongoing, effective ...
3. List of researchers
(Nos missions/Recherche - English (United Kingdom))
...  - BOUE Vanina - MOTSCH Peggy Interns - LECLERCQ Jérémy Léonard  ...
4. Health Ecology Research Unit
(Nos missions/Recherche - English (United Kingdom))
...  Ph.D. students, Masters II, interns (2010: F. Baldacchino, J. Chotte). SCIENTIFIC PARTNERS • National: CENAREST, IRET, USTM, SSA, ANPN, ASU. • International: CIRAD, CNRS, IRD, MNHN, WCS; ...
5. Haematology Study Unit
(Nos missions/Recherche - English (United Kingdom))
... renovation work) to the CIRMF, and provide electricity and water. In turn, we host students for short-term practical training internships. Hospital staff: partnership with medical teams at the Josephine ...
6. Objectives
(Le CIRMF/Les objectifs - English (United Kingdom))
...    Education The CIRMF hosts young researchers and students from Africa, Europe and the U.S. who perform research while writing their scientific, medical or veterinary theses and internship reports. ...
7. History
(Le CIRMF/Le CIRMF - English (United Kingdom))
... interns are welcomed and help is given to students of the CUSS (now USS) of Libreville (...). Contacts are maintained with the Faculty of Sciences. (...) Truly international, the CIRMF employs researchers ...
8. Unit of Medical Biological Analysis and Public Health Research
(Nos missions/Recherche - English (United Kingdom))
... premises, and prepare excellent health and safety training for interns and students. Regular medical visits may be scheduled for the agents as warranted by their activities.   RESOURCES The ...
9. Emerging Viral Diseases Unit
(Nos missions/Recherche - English (United Kingdom))
... hosts on a full time basis: 6 PhD students in science, 2 PhD students in medicine, 1 PhD student in veterinary medicine, 3 masters students and a number of short-term interns in the field of emerging diseases. ...
10. Resources
(Le CIRMF/Les moyens - English (United Kingdom))
... support staff, ensure the proper functioning the research centre. In addition, there are always numerous students and young researchers performing internships or scientific work (theses, dissertations, ...
11. Liste alphabétique des chercheurs
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- AKUE Jean Paul - ARIEY Frédéric - BECQUART Pierre - BISVIGOU Ulrich - BOUE Vanina - BOURGAREL Mathieu - LEKANA Jean Bernard - LEROY Eric - LIEGEOIS Florian - MEZUI ME NDONG Jérôme - ...