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Questions pour un chercheur
Dr. Jean-Bernard LEKANA DOUKI


Dr. Jean-Bernard Lékana Douki, Research Associate in the Malaria Department of the Medical Parasitology Unit at the CIRMF and head of the Drug team, talks about the new antimalarial drugs being investigated by his team.

Docteur-Lekana- What is the relationship between plants and malaria?

- Malaria is currently a major public health problem. In its latest annual report, WHO stated that malaria causes 860,000 deaths per year. Malaria is the result of an infection by a parasite, Plasmodium falciparum. The persistence of this pandemic is due in part to the emergence and expansion of parasite resistance to conventional antimalarial drugs. Given this situation, it is urgent to find new antimalarials. It should be noted that the two best antimalarials currently available (artemisinin and quinine) are derived from plants. One avenue of research in the field of drugs is therefore to study the traditional pharmacopoeia.