Confirmed speakers (alphabetical order)


Pr. Patrice Debré – Ambassador for the fight against HIV/AIDS and communicable diseases, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, France


Pr. Jean François Delfraissy – National Agency for Research on AIDS and Hepatitis (ANRS), France


Pr. Ogobara Doumbo – Research and formation on malaria Centre, Université de Bamako, Mali


Pr. Christian Drosten – Institute of virology, University of Bonn, Germany


Dr. Joseph Fair – Global Viral Forecasting Initiative, USA


Mme Catherine Ferrant –TOTAL Foundation, France


Pr. Didier Fontenille – Infectious diseases and vectors, Genetics, Evolution and Control, IRD, France


Dr. Antoine Gessain – Institut Pasteur, France


Dr. William Karesh – EcoHealth Alliance,USA


Dr. Eric Leroy – Emerging viral diseases Unit, CIRMF, Gabon


Pr. John Mackenzie – Curtin University, Australia


Pr. Jean-Claude Manuguerra – Institut Pasteur, France


Pr. Souleymane Mboup – Bacteriology and virology Laboratory, Cheikh Anta Diop University, Senegal


Pr. Jan Ter Meulen – Institute of virology, Philipps University, Germany


Pr. Anne-Marie Moulin - CNRS/université de Paris 7, France, and université Senghor, Egypte


Pr. Stephen Morse – USAID Emerging Pandemic Threats (EPT) Program, Department of epidemiology Columbia University, USA


Dr. François Moutou – National Agency for Sanitary Security, animal health Laboratory, France   


Pr. Dominique Pontier – Biometry and evolutionary biology Laboratory, CNRS, Université Claude Bernard de Lyon, France


Pr. François Renaud – Infectious diseases and vectors, Genetics, Evolution and Control, CNRS, France


Pr. Romain Tchoua - Army Health Department, Ministry of Defence, Gabon


Pr. Mark Wilson – Department of ecology and evolutionary biology, University of Michigan, USA